A few members have been in contact regarding spam messages sent from a new member’s account. That account has been deleted. Any such message should be ignored/deleted. 

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Me too 2 hours ago have blocked the enter polish surname new member?

Thanks Johanna - sorted.

Thanks I got one too.  It wants contact about a fund I have now blocked the person

Hi there, strange profile message left by new memberTimothy White in Lome, Togo. Have moved setting to approve before posting. Can the message be deleted?

I too have received a message from.this Mr Timothy to my email address sent it straight to spam. If it happens again I shall report to the Police. Who is this person I find it rather disconcerting and a little spooky

The same - Timothy White 

I got the message last night too.  The senders email was hampton peoples network which made me wonder if the site has been hacked.

The offending account has been deleted and I’ve now set all new memberships to pre-approval.

In the past people have been able to post immediately upon sign up as a significant proportion of new members join up to post in a current issue (and this something we want to encourage). Unfortunately however the number of spam accounts has increased recently so we’ll have to close that off.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I too received Timothy White e-mail this morning, had to laugh at first thought it was the old named chemist trying to get in touch. Didn't even bother persuing the email, went straight into spam.

It's still uncomfortable receiving these types of emails just hope there isn't too many more people who have to endure this sort of crap.

Many Thanks for sorting it out Matt,

I received 2 messages similar to this and a few months apart. It wasn't from this email address though. I deleted the message.

I too have received an email via HPN from Timothy White. He has been a busy boy. 

Hi all and Happy New Year

Firstly, can I ask that any further notifications or issues please be posted in this thread. I'd appreciate it if we didn't give the spammer the satisfaction of seeing their 'name' on the front page of the site.

I did a bit of further digging and found that my email had decided to processing all my network notifications as spam over the festive period. *Bangs head on desk.*

Thank you to all of you who got in touch, and again my apologies. 

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