Activity has been a bit down on this site recently, so we thought we would try to liven things up with an April Challenge. The idea is to see how many new discussions we can start in the Forum in the course of the month of April. How many do you think we can manage? Ten would seem a fairly paltry accomplishment. Twenty might be reasonable, but really I think we should be aiming for thirty or more!!

So what could you post about? Well, it is entirely up to you. What do you want HPN to be like? What do you want to get out of it? I have done a huge number of things on HPN. I have looked for (and found) recommendations on restaurants, plumbers, builders and financial advisers. I have borrowed garden tools from a helpful neighbour. I have sold my daughter's old bike. I have found out about what was going on in and around an old building that had always puzzled me. I have found someone to play tennis with. And lots of other things that I cannot remember.

So how are you going to respond to the April Challenge? Don't worry if you have never commented or never started a discussion before, it is very easy and might prompt some interesting discussion and put you in touch with some great fellow Hamptonites!

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I've just taught a short writing class, funded by the Community Learning Fund. Learners had astonishing and moving stories about their families and their communities. 

It was relaxed - yet we covered a heck of a lot in 5 x 2hr sessions. It was fun, and learners tell me they're inspired to do more.

So, I can repeat it - anywhere in the borough. I'm considering a pub in Twickenham; they have a nice function room. It's likely to start in 6wks' time.

Oh - and another benefit; it's free for a lot of people.

If anyone wants to join, or know more, or suggest a venue, I can be contacted on

Everyone has at least one great story to tell!


Well, by my count were at 18 new discussions started on this site in April. We have a few more days in April so we will hopefully push past 20 for the month and maybe get close to thirty. Of course, the actual number does not matter too much, the idea is to encourage people (that's you and me!) to think about what they could get out or contribute to this site. A community site is for sharing things!!!

By my count we made it to 25 new discussions in April - and they did range pretty widely from midges to Brian May and from schools to the gates of Bushy Park. So if there is anything you want to raise, go ahead - with nearly 1000 members in our community there may well be someone out there who is interested!

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