I am so pleased to see the British Justice System is alive and kicking. I am of course referring to the grandmother who has been find £1000, tagged and had a curfew imposed, for the heinous crime of selling a goldfish to a fourteen year old. The council apparently mounted a 'Sting' on the local pet shop, where these despicable crimes were being commited (A quiet word from a PCSO and the saving of thousands of pounds in Court costs was out of the question). I must not be too cynical, old 'Gran' has now been stopped from going to Bingo for a couple of weeks. Justice has been seen to be done. Oh the immigrant rapist who raped a girl and threw her onto a rubbish tip is being allowed to marry and stay in the UK. I am sure the benefit system will welcome them with open arms. Now convince me that our political masters have made our country a better Britain. I think I better shut up now!!! Bryan.

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Whilst these may be isolated incidents (at least, I hope so), there is much in what you say. You will no doubt recall several past incidents when elderly citizens were threatened with jail for not paying council tax - in fact, I believe some were jailed, albeit for a short period (usually, some kind soul paid their fines). I don't support law-breaking, but I do believe that jail should be reserved for those who are a danger to society, not simply as a punishment for wrong-doing. In this high-tech age, it shouldn't be difficult to debit any unpaid bill and/or fine from someone's account, without them having to serve a prison sentence for not paying. That way, there'd be more room in prison for the rapist.


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