In the good old days, I used to try to make sure that I welcomed every person who joined this site. I didn't say anything fabulously witty or particularly exciting, but I thought it was worth making people welcome and encouraging them to feel free to join in the discussions. Life has got a bit busy for me recently, so I have let things slip a bit and if you have joined recently, you may not have got a welcome. So my apologies. I think the way forward is to have a Welcomers Club. All you have to do to be in the Welcomers Club is to visit the site from time to time and when you see from the activity box that a new member has joined, click the link that says Welcome Them and leave a few words of welcome especially if no one else has already done this. So, very simple!! If you want to be a member of the Welcomers Club, just respond to this post and get welcoming :-) Many thanks, Paul.

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