For god's sake, it's been changed again...30 minute bays! Has anyone tried going to the baker's, then the chemist, then stedman's and a coffee in the canteen in half an hour?!!

I have a very sick father who cannot always get out to move his car when its parked outside his house, let alone parked a mile down the road. It is a license to print money as people who are used to parking restrictions are not going to look at the signs to see if they have changed.

We ned an uprising against this pathetic state!

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Hello Petra


Firstly, sorry to hear about the personal circumstances you refer to in your posting.


On the issue of the bays, I take your point as to the difficulty that just 30 minutes would present when using businesses such as The Canteen but these bays were popped in at the request of both local businesses and local residents who were experiencing problems with the current restrictions. They may have driven down to the village to pick up a prescription or a loaf and just couldn't park so went elsewhere


 In terms of visiting small shops the 30 minute bays near Tail End and The Post Office have proved extremely popular with residents and traders alike - indeed Clare in Tail End guards her bays jealously and woe betide any transport planner who suggests changing them when she's within earshot! Hopefully these new bays will prove a similar benefit to shops like Cavans, Boots, Hampton Picture Framing, etc, etc.


What is currently a bit of a mess is that the new signs have gone up but the bays haven't been put in place. Worse still the old signage is currently in place making the whole shooting match rather confusing. I've been onto the council officers and the new signs are being covered until such time as the new bays are painted in.

I'm in agreement with Petra. We all know the parking restrictions are intended to prevent our homes and business being blocked by commuters using Hampton station, but the current regulations don't just put off commuters (Who indecently park on the residential streets out of the village anyway) but more importantly the deter our our local shops attracting customers. I know people who would love to make use of the unique shops that keeps Hampton's charismatic charm. However the current parking enforcements put them off ever shopping in Hampton. Not only are these restrictions useless to everyone that isn't a traffic warden, but the clarity of the law is to confusing for many drivers.

I had a meeting at my house a few years ago with neighbours and local councillors because we were fed up with the sudden arrival of loads of new single and double yellow lines without any warning. We were told that if one (yes just one) resident made a complaint and asked for a yellow line then it had to be installed.... The question of why a lot of people complaining about them could then be ignored was not answered. I was also not happy, after having been told way back in the Spring (by an official letter from the council) that the yellow line in Beaver Close opposite the football club entrance was to be removed by the end of June....only to find that when I parked there in Sept I still had to pay a fine. The line was only still there due to an administrative c**k up (it has now gone) but rules are rules... And yes it is just a big money making scam.

Amanda can I just dispel any myths regarding the introduction of waiting restrictions? Before I go any further I should point out that I used to work for the transportation department at Richmond Council for about 5-6 years, I now work for a private highways consultancy, so I am no longer associated with the Council (so please don't blame me for any parking problems, I don't work there!).

"only one resident needs to make a complaint or ask for a yellow line then it has to be installed" This simply isn't true, imagine if it was?

Example:  Person 'A' who doesn't have a car would like to look out of his/hers window without having to look at a parked car. How can they solve this? Easy, they have to ring up the Council and tell them to paint a yellow line outside.....

It simply doesn't work like that.

The Council may have to investigate every complaint/request, but they are not obliged to act on it. Once the complaint/request has been agreed by the council engineers, who have decided that it fits the criteria required, they then have to advertise the restrictions on lamp posts (in the area affected) and the local paper, and assuming no objections are received then the restrictions will be put in place. If the there are objections, then the engineer looking after the request will report back to the transport sub-committee who will then consider whether the objection should be upheld.

Back on subject, surely a half hour restriction between 2.30pm and 3.00pm would be sufficient? It’ll keep the area free of commuters, but without hindering the local shops.

Can you not apply for a disabled bay. I am sure the criteria would be met. (no private parking, full blue badge and uk driving licence held etc etc

Benjamin, you can apply for a disabled bay outside of your residence, but this will not change the parking problem in the village. Actually, if Petra's father has a blue badge then that would allow his vehicle, or his carer's vehicle, to park on the waiting restrictions.

Sorry petra I didn't realize that you Dad lives in the village by the shops. Hmm, bit tricky this, cos if you do get a disabled by put in, there isn't a way of stopping other blue badge holders from using it.


Agreed that the 8.30-6.30 restrictions should be relaxed. They are not enforcable on a Saturday when its most busy, but is during the week? Seems a bit odd.


In the Councils defence, I guess they were put initially on the grounds of safety, after all they were put in long before the current 1 hour restrictions. And i think they may even have pre-dated when enforcement of waiting restrictions changed from Poilice to Local Authority's? Not sure on that though.

I am very pleased to hear you say that the council cannot take action on one complaint and we (my neighbours at the meeting and I) all expressed our disbelief at this fact. I believe you 100 pct but there is no doubt that 2 of my local councillors sat in my front room and told us this. One of them is still one of my local councillors...  I am disgusted that we were fobbed off with this reason and it makes me even more angry that these extra lines (still there) were implemented without any consulatation at all. If you have any ideas as to how I can renew our complaints procedure I would very grateful!

Hi.  Amanda as I was one of those councillors I can tell you that the reason something was done because 'one' person complained was for safety reasons.  If something is considered not safe the local authority have to act.

I have had several meetings with council officers, residents and traders over the years trying to get the best schemes.  It is really hard to please everyone.


Petra I sympathise with your situation and I agree that the parking restrictions are ridiculous. I myself do not use OUR village for that reason which seems a shame as we should all, in my opinion, support our local shops. Unfortunately this is not always possible. Our wonderful council obviously are not raising enough money but are quick enough to waste it. Keep fighting for your father and maybe its time every one in Hampton stood up to be counted then maybe the council will start to listen to the people who elect them.

Hello Yvonne


What is it that you find difficult about the parking? I'm not being snippy, it's a genuine request for information. If I don't know then I can't do anything to help.


What would you like to see in terms of parking restrictions that we don't have at the moment - bearing in mind that we do need to prevent commuters from parking in shopping areas so the option of 'no restrictions' isn't available



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