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I just wanted to apologize to everyone for using the cc function on the last newsletter rather than bcc'ing everyone and so keeping everyone's email address confidential. I do realise how important an issue this is and I am now looking to start using MailChimp (or some other similar service) for the HPN newsletters to eliminate the possibility of this sort of mistake happening again and to give people a clearer unsubscribe option. So the next newsletter may look a bit different and I will definitely make sure I do bcc the recipients.


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Not had the newsletter for a while now. Maybe it's because my email starts with 'info'?

Sorry to hear that Jason. Have messaged you to get your correct email address. And hope that once I sort out MailChimp the whole thing will be rather more professional. So fingers crossed!

Hi Paul, Is there to be a H.P.N.meeting this Sunday? Regards. Bryan

Hi Bryan. There certainly is. Sorry I kept getting it wrong in the newsletters - definitely this Sunday at 20.00 in the function room at the Bell. Hope you (and plenty of others) can make it!

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