Does anyone know what may be going in there? Have seen surveyors measuring up and wondered if the land has finally been sold?


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Let's hope it's a Tesco Metro...!

ha ha I hope that's said with tongue in cheek! otherwise we'll have another battle on our hands LoL....mind you a Lidly could be good!!

I was dreaming it would be a pizza express! But think the site is zoned as industrial so probably another garage.
Hampton peoples network hasn't been the same since waitrose opened and and has proved to be the success we all hoped for, it would be great to get something new for everyone to moan / debate about again!!

take away curry/chinese etc would be good!

You've got to be kidding LoL

Steven Lawrence said:

take away curry/chinese etc would be good!

I pass this place regularly and keep meaning to try and find out what is happening there. Does anyone have any up to date news? A short amount of "googling" time took me to this discussion. I'd love to know if there are plans and if so, how it will affect the parking etc...

I'd like another Mezzet that is closer to home!!


Yes I totally agree, but let's just hope it is not another faceless development for Hampton, for what has already probably been decided.

On that subject, who has noticed the excellent choice of plants for the development / flats by the railway line near the bridge. So often developers use garden contractors with boring plants, seen everywhere, but not there, real class! (as an ex garden contractor myself!)

I would love to see an antique / curios shop, to wander around, or even an auction room, but what chance, NIL!! there's a thought...

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