Spotted this on the LBRuT twitter feed...

Now I realise that it was clear to everyone that their current site was never going to be big enough to hold all the students before the new Turing House site at Whitton was built, but providing the Clarendon site as a "temporary" home from September 2018 for at least 2 years (because the building works in Whitton will over-run) just seems crackers.

By then there will be around 475 pupils enrolled in Turing House School, and there is no way I can see the roads at that end of Hanworth Road coping with the extra parents' cars etc dropping off and picking up twice a day, in conflict with the double decker coaches and cars associated with the three other schools along that road, not to mention the current twice daily gridlock along Uxbridge Road either side of that junction.

I also feel very sorry for the poor students who will have to endure two relocations, with all the undeniable impact that will have on their learning and preparation for exams etc.

I can't see anything on the LBRuT page about consultation with residents/stakeholders before the "Council’s Cabinet will formally consider the proposal for Turing House to use the Clarendon site later this year". I do hope that there will be a consultation, and genuine alternatives are being considered.

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Clive, to be clear, it's not the whole school that's moving. They're keeping 3 year groups in the existing building in Teddington. 

In September 2018 their new Year 7 will come to Clarendon.  That's only 150 (or might only be 100 if they have to restrict numbers like they did for the Teddington site).  Then there might be another year group starting there in 2019, so that would be a maximum of 200 - 300.  After that they're meant to be moving to the Whitton site.

Clarendon is already a school with 120 students, and they will be moving to the Richmond College site.  So the area will have less traffic than normal in 2017. I don't know how the Clarendon children normally get to school but most Turing House students seem to get the bus, and as many of them live in Hampton, there will be lots who walk.

There's some info on the school website here:

Thanks for that Mrs S - that the entire school isn't moving into Clarendon helps somewhat, but that information was omitted from the LBRuT press release. 

As Clarendon is currently an SEN setting, quite a lot of the students arrive via special minibus services, which means that the traffic is much less than it would be if the majority of pupils arrived by car. I also suspect that not all pupils are in school for the full day, so there isn't quite the "wave" of arrivals and departures we would likely see when Turing House take over.

In any case, I trust that considerations regarding how staff and pupils will commute and the impact on local roads/public transport infrastructure will form part of the Transport Strategy that will have been commissioned by LBRuT as part of the consultation before they make their decision later this year... won't they?

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