Unauthorised Moorings - Slumboats - High Cost For Taxpayers - Repeated Trespassing !!

The slumboats have returned to the Hampton area from Hampton Court.

This must be costing the taxpayer a huge amount of money to repeatedly deal with their trespassing and many other issues.

We need to get rid of these once and for all.

It seems that The Environment Agency are not equipped to deal with this effectively despite very clear laws on this matter. 

Here is their comment from 2015!!!! But still, they return!

Comment on behalf of the Chief Executive of the Environment Agency:

Our Waterways Enforcement team is dealing with this issue. In this instance we suspect that the owner of the houseboat is committing a number of offences. The Environment Agency is the registered owner of the river bed in this location. We have already served a total of three enforcement notices against the houseboat for mooring over our river bed adjacent to two unauthorised mooring piles. We have also served an enforcement notice for the unauthorised mooring piles and for not having a 2015 boat licence to keep the houseboat on the River Thames. The owner has now registered the boat for 2015.
The owner has so far failed to comply with our instructions to remove the houseboat from Hurst Park so we will start possession proceedings using civil procedures for trespass offences at the beginning of September. We have recently successfully prosecuted the owner of four unregistered boats also illegally moored at Hurst Park. The owner has now moved the four boats, sold three of them and registered the one they live on for 2015. Therefore we are confident that by using civil procedures we will resolve the issue of the illegally moored houseboat also.
The craft is now registered for 2015 as a houseboat with no fitted engine or diesel/petrol tanks. We will check the owner's 2015 registration application to ensure they have made the correct declaration of fitted appliances onboard. In the meantime we welcome any witness statements of pollution incients from the houseboat.

On behalf of Paul Leinster, Chief Exec, Environment Agency

See this link to the Friends of Hurst Park website

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And the toilets are still NOT repaired!!

There are more boats there now, surely it's up to Elmbridge Council to deal with this as Richmond did. It's a total eyesore from our side of the river.

STILL NO ACTION, especially at Hurst Park.

The Environment Agency is described as losing control of the River Thames between Hampton Court and Sunbury.

Many people are now calling for the resignation of the Chief Executive. No doubt Elmbridge Council will also be investigated.

Competency & complacency are being seriously evaluated at the moment.

Well there are certainly more boats on the Hurst Park side, wont be long before they are across the river

You are correct Janice, the last time he had his slumboats moored 2 and 3 abreast like this the EA called them a hazard to other boat users and got him to move them

(He now has 4 of them at Hurst Park and it seems where ever they are he attracts a few tramp boats) 

This time the EA just seem to be turning a blind eye to whatever he does


Regarding the Slumboats, there's no choice but to progress to criminal proceedings by Elmbridge Council. Their current mooring makes it dangerous for river users to enter the river via the slipway at Hurst Park.

There is talk of the Environment Agency being replaced by a new authority in this area and a public inquiry regarding their behaviour and the anguish caused to members of the public directly affected for over 4 years.  Someone's accountable and they will be facing their responsibilities and/or failings to safeguard this area of the Thames.

It does seem the more blatant you are the more you get away with.

I was walking along the A308 opposite the Slum Boats and I stood and watched in utter disbelief as a bloke on the top of one of these boats emptied a large bucket of who knows what into the river, it was more than just liquid, one can only speculate.

The local authority gets exercised about a fishing chair being left on the bank and removes it, but you can empty ???? into the river with impunity.

Maybe our council can put pressure on Elmbridge Council, as there are far more boats there to when the first picture was put up on here

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