Unauthorised Moorings - Slumboats - High Cost For Taxpayers - Repeated Trespassing !!

The slumboats have returned to the Hampton area from Hampton Court.

This must be costing the taxpayer a huge amount of money to repeatedly deal with their trespassing and many other issues.

We need to get rid of these once and for all.

It seems that The Environment Agency are not equipped to deal with this effectively despite very clear laws on this matter. 

Here is their comment from 2015!!!! But still, they return!

Comment on behalf of the Chief Executive of the Environment Agency:

Our Waterways Enforcement team is dealing with this issue. In this instance we suspect that the owner of the houseboat is committing a number of offences. The Environment Agency is the registered owner of the river bed in this location. We have already served a total of three enforcement notices against the houseboat for mooring over our river bed adjacent to two unauthorised mooring piles. We have also served an enforcement notice for the unauthorised mooring piles and for not having a 2015 boat licence to keep the houseboat on the River Thames. The owner has now registered the boat for 2015.
The owner has so far failed to comply with our instructions to remove the houseboat from Hurst Park so we will start possession proceedings using civil procedures for trespass offences at the beginning of September. We have recently successfully prosecuted the owner of four unregistered boats also illegally moored at Hurst Park. The owner has now moved the four boats, sold three of them and registered the one they live on for 2015. Therefore we are confident that by using civil procedures we will resolve the issue of the illegally moored houseboat also.
The craft is now registered for 2015 as a houseboat with no fitted engine or diesel/petrol tanks. We will check the owner's 2015 registration application to ensure they have made the correct declaration of fitted appliances onboard. In the meantime we welcome any witness statements of pollution incients from the houseboat.

On behalf of Paul Leinster, Chief Exec, Environment Agency

See this link to the Friends of Hurst Park website

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I believe possession orders are being served on these vessels no matter where they move them to on the Thames between Hampton Court & Sunbury. Time has finally run out for these people. I also feel that criminal proceedings are applicable in order to prevent them from returning.

Checkout the formation of Reclaim our Riverbank 2 - see flyer attached. In their first 2 weeks nearly 200 people have backed them and support is still pouring in! Give them your support, they're going to make it happen! Flyer.JPG

Great work David, I'll support this too. Thank you.

That's great - send your email indicating support to reclaimourriverbank2@gmail.com and you will go on the Supporters mailing list

Help For Heroes said:

Great work David, I'll support this too. Thank you.

Still no action from The Environment Agency nor Elmbridge Borough Council.

What a disgrace! It seems the riverside is lawless and open to anyone who wishes to impose unsafe, unsightly and illegally moored vessels upon law-abiding residents.

Sooner or later an individual representing a position of authority regarding this case will need to be held accountable. Thus he/she should experience the anger and frustration of local residents.

It seems that this section of the Thames is lawless.

Surely The Environment Agency & Elmbridge Borough Council can do something!!!

I wonder where the sewage waste from these "illegally moored vessels" ends up?

Would Thames Water have an interest here?

No I don't think so, as they put waste in the Thames anyway

Good point Janice, as I understand it, any vessel or organisation caught dumping waste in the water can be prosecuted.

There is clear evidence available that proves that these slumboats are consistently polluting both land and water. We can tolerate the odd temporary mooring, but these vessels have been arrogantly moored at the same location for over 12 months. The repeated offenses have been ongoing for over 4 years.

They are not part of a reasonable & respectful law-abiding society and therefore should be dealt with accordingly. 

Sooner or later they will be held accountable for all the trouble & cost they have caused, they will need to 'do their time' for this!

I urge the local community to do more (legally) in the same way that we dealt with lawless travelers at Thames/ Long Ditton and other areas. 

There was a slight whiff of sewage at Bell Hill yesterday afternoon.

I wonder when the toilets there will open again?

They've been closed awaiting repairs for ages now....

Does anyone know why the 'Slumboats' are still located at Hurst park opposite Garrick House and the Astoria?

It's probably time to find who is responsible for failing to act in a reasonable amount of time and ultimately take responsibility by resignation and/or legal responsibility.

Still no action!! Someone help us!

It seems The Environment Agency no longer have any claim to this land as they are not willing to enforce the law or act responsibly.

Residents should club together to take legal action to claim damages as a result of neglect and failure to act within a reasonable amount of time.


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