Has anyone else heard the waitrose rumour. I have heard it from two seperate sources and it looks likely that it is going to open in that large retail space opposite the station..

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Eagle eyed Steve from Cheese and Wine has seen that Waitrose ARE applying for an outlet at the business unit at the corner of Oldfield Road and Percy Road...see here: http://idoxwam.richmond.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?&appNumber=1...



It would be nice to have a quality supermarket nearer. I feel uncomfortable shopping at Sainsbury's especially in the winter when the evenings become dark. I often shop at Waitrose in Kingston and these days prices are (almost) comparable with Tesco. However, it won't be so good for our local shops eg. Stedmans, St John's, Everydays, the flower shops and the bakers.

I suppose if we had given more support to the fruit and veg shops, the DIY shops etc they would still be here.The government is to blame for the demise of the lovely Post Office in Priory Road. They have left us with the non too cheerful one in Station Road!

But in these times of economic hardship all of us are struggling to get value for money and the extra jobs it would provide would be good for the area. I really can't decide if I am for or against Waitrose coming to town.

Im confident the people of Hampton will continue to support the good local shops we are fortunate to have.

The bakers, butchers, dry cleaners, wine merchants etc will continue to thrive, if not more so with increased shoppers to the train station area.

Currently, the Sainsburys local is too far from the central location to be helpful, but must surely have offered an alternate choice to Cavan, Seans, premiere wine and such, but by being friendly, local, and excellent quality, have held their own.

Given the choice, I would rather a Waitrose with its comunity spirit, instead of the slash and burn policy of Tesco; Surely the arrival of a supermarket is enevitable, rather Waitrose takes that position.



Thanks for the comments from Thomas, Debi & Wnsleydale - this is exactly why we want to have the meeting. To get a good representation of all views. There's the natural fear of the big boys and it's a view I've had expressed to me over the last couple of days; there's also been the 'yes please' so it will hopefully prove very interesting.


I think that the more views we have represented the better so do come along on Tuesday week

What meeting?! And where will it be held?

If this was to happern then I'm all for it. Times have changed and we need this. I am local who has lived in Hampton for years and have seen the local traders slowly close down due to the bigger cheaper stores.


Hampton supermarket is a rip off, all their products are out of date and their prices are high. I would rather buy from Waitrose than from local stores as who do they help but themselves. Since St johns and Hampton Supermarket have been open late we have had an increase of youths shouting and screaming walking down Oldfield road at all hours.


I'm all for it!!


Jayne, how do you know this and where is the large retail space?  Waitrose would certainly be preferable to KFC if we have to have a large chain on our doorstep.

Hi Alison


Details can be found if you go to the Richmond council website www.richmond.gov.uk and cut & paste this reference 11/1178/FUL into the Search box in the top right hand corner.


It will recognise it as a planning application and suggest a suitable link


To answer the direct question of where it is - it is the office building Field House which stands directly next to the level crossing at Hampton Station. If you were to drive up Station Road to the station and, once you reach the end of the road decided not to obey the normal conventions of T Junctions and continue driving straight ahead you would end up driving smack into the wall of a building; That's Field House



Hi Amanda


Happening on Tuesday 3rd May at the Beveree. 7.30pm kick off

Thank you!

Can I suggest we all email/facebook/tweet to our friends in Hampton to make sure we get as big a turnout for the meeting and try to guage consensus.

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