Has anyone else heard the waitrose rumour. I have heard it from two seperate sources and it looks likely that it is going to open in that large retail space opposite the station..

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Clarification please on the meeting time and place?

Hello Thomas


I can, in part, understand your scepticism but for many people this application could have a profound impact.


There is, of course, the issue of affecting small, independent traders.


There is also the impact on the residents of Oldfield Road who already have a great deal of traffic going to and fro from the industrial unit up the road. Will they welcome more two mini articulated deliveries each day? Will they, moreover, welcome another early opening, late closing retailer at the end of their road?


And what of the impact on the school children from Hampton Juniors who make use of the playing fields on Oldfield Road. There is the impact of greater traffic volumes to take into account.


And these are just the negative angles. What of the positives? I can see why people may well say 'Yes please!' to a Waitrose in Hampton and still support the local community. More jobs in this day and age is nothing to be sniffed at.


There are a wealth of varying opinions to be heard and it is important that all are heard, hence the meeting. Happening right here in Hampton, not over in Twickenham.


Having looked at the plans for Waitrose at Field House I feel they are very positive. The creation of jobs for our area can only be a good thing. Their fruit and veg is always good quaility and the staff are always pleasant. Also there are a lot of people without cars who would be delighted with a quality shop on their doorsteps.

I know it is direct competition for Hampton Supermarket but can anyone honestly say they do all their shopping there or the prices and food quality are good. I used to wonder why milk bought from there never lasted long; then I noticed that some of it was stored tucked away OUTSIDE of the fridge! Hence I never buy milk there. And I have seen St John's staff handlling fruit and veg after wiping their noses on the palms of their hands after sneezing! Amazing what you see early morning waiting for the bus.

So, before you dismiss Waitrose; THINK - can any one of you HONESTLY state that you do ALL of your shopping in the small shops around the village? I don't - I can't afford to and with limited availability of fruit and veg and vegetarian products we would be on very meagre rations.


Hi Alison,

Tuesday 3rd May, 7pm at The Beaveree

I have just read this article...interesting positives about the store in the north. http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/latest-news/leeds_feels_...


I think it is great that its a waitrose
Good for the community
I live two mins walk from little sainsburys
But would venture further if there were a waitrose
In the village
The Hampton supermarket is awful and has been for years
A bit of healthy competition us what it needs

There will be forty parking spaces too which is good but am assuming due to the proximity to the station will be a pay and display and refunded with receipt situation 

Hi Amelia,

Thanks for this.

What an interesting article. I know the issue is bound to divide many but I do think it is worth considering if there is a way that we could make the situation work - if for example, Waitrose won their change of use.

I hear a lot about Waitrose working with the local community - and obviously it wouldn't want to be surrounded by empty shops  - so it would be in its interests to work with the village. I am wondering, somewhat optimistically admittedly,   if we could work with them to encourge them to offer products and services that complement what the village already offers and not compete with existing businsses. 

For example, if they could offer




sauces, condiments, etc

cook chill,


frozen goods,

health and beauty etc


and not offer

off licence,



pet food,

flowers etc.

perhaps we could end up with the perfect  mix in Hampton. Plus it would create the equivalent of 93 full time jobs in the local community.


I realise I am being incredibly optimistic but there may be some room for manoeuvre if they are succesful.  But  I fear that unless we could persuade Waitrose to alter its offer - Stedmans, St Johns, Shauns, Grimditch, Asters, Cavan, Everydays and our lovely Cheese and Wine shop would feel the impact.


I look forward to the meeting but I do think, given my recent introduction to planning rules in this borough, that it will be hard to oppose change of use.  Although having said that, we didn't expect to win the first round with KFC and we did! Planning rules seem a tad unpredictable.

There are lots of empty office sites in Hampton which could be used by Waitrose to justify the change of use . As for the parking issue, you could argue that an office would also need that many spaces.

And of course, Waitrose could simply buy another site in Hampton with existing A1 use for example and no one could stop them. As new buildings go up, and I hear that the Mercedes garage is being closed and sold, developers are increasingly redeveloping residential sites to include a ground floor retail site in their plans. So even if we oppose this change of use, Waitrose may end up at another location in the village.

Plus, unfortunately I have been made aware that Tesco has a shopping list and both Hampton and Hampton Hill are on it. So even if we fight off Waitrose, it is inevitable with all the new house building in the area other supermarkets will be targetting our village. I think Waitrose is undoubtedly the best of the bunch and the most likely to listen and work with the local community. 

I am quite conflicted over this issue, but will concur with the consensus of everyone in the village. See you at the meeting.



As a resident I think it’s great that Waitrose is considering coming to our village, I can understand a little of the uncertainty from a few people but I don’t actually think it will work out badly for the good independent shops. I would bet that the majority of people that shop at the butchers for example do so because they believe they are getting a better cut of meat from a butcher that knows them personally before jumping in a car to do the rest of the weekly shop at Sainsbury’s. Steadman’s is another example, my wife loves Waitrose, as do I, but that certainly won’t stop her going in there as it always has a knack selling the little bits and pieces you think its going to be awkward to find. It’s great that we have these shops in the village and as long they continue doing what they are doing I don’t see why another supermarket will have a baring on their takings. The shops that will be affected are the one’s that don’t care about there products or produce and have little customer service, by having a Waitrose in the village it will breathe new life into Hampton and may even bring in new shops or restaurants that will then view it as a desirable location. If Jayne is correct and Waitrose fails in its application, the juggernaut of Tesco could be next to roll in to Hampton and I wonder how many people who are objecting to this would then be kicking themselves.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the meeting as I won’t be able to get back from work in time hence why I though it important to give my views now.

Good to hear from the experienced retailers that you should not be afraid of healthy competition; Shoddy Service/retail should not be defended.

Im sure once the other parties hear whats going on, they will surely defend this Waitrose initiative....if they have not already made their presence felt.

Hello Henry


Thanks for your comments, I wouldn't say I was weakening as such. Then again that's the life of the politician, when you stick to your guns you're told you're not listening, when you try to meet opinion halfway you're weakening!


I still believe that a supermarket with 40 parking spaces would have an incredibly adverse impact on local village shops, many of which are really feeling the pinch at the moment. On the other hand I can certainly appreciate why people think there are benefits and actually agree with many of the points raised.


That's why I say it's important to get as many views as possible; I don't make the law in Hampton we all do.

I havent been on here for a while, but Oldfield road will become a nightmare.although its not far from that now, and we have lived in Hampton for 34 years, i find it difficult enough now to get out from my road, with parked cars and cars and lorrys coming up and down, they dont even slow down when they see someone trying to creep out onto oldfield road. But waitrose would be nicer than the hampton supermarket as long as the parking spaces are not taken with rail users


Good point about rail users.  Most major supermarkets limit the parking time for shoppers, but that requires some parking wardens - perhaps the Cricket Lane clampers would like the job!

I sympathise with the traffic problem (one of the downsides of living close to an industrial estate), but I don't have an answer to it.  This is complicated by the congestion caused when the railway gates are closed.  The Council could require Waitrose to include some traffic management provision as part of the planning agreement, but I don't know what form this would take in order to alleviate the problem.  Perhaps other HPN followers have some ideas?



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