Can anyone help... I really want to try making my own wild garlic pesto but don’t know any locations to pick wild garlic... hoping someone can guide me to some local spots x

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I bought a Wild Garlic plant from a local nursery, either Adrian or Squires, but it didn't survive.  Anyway paying for a wild plant seems a bit stupid in retrospect...

Actually my plant has survived, I had a look at it. It has spread and is doing well.

You can make a delicious soup from shop bought garlic, although it sounds very strong, surprisingly it is not and it is well worth a try.

Have a look at:

You don't have to roast the garlic, there are simpler recipes out there.

Enjoy !

I dont know anywhere locally but I've foraged a bag full in Devon this wkd if you want half? Off to Dorset next wkd too and will be able to forage for some there if you want some more.
Hi Jen, sorry new to the site so only just seen these messages!! That’s really sweet of you.. I would love some if you still have it!!
And thanks Richard, I was given som bulbs by a friend from her garden but only have about three plants which have come up again this year... so only makes a small roll of wild garlic butter!! Will try out your soup when hopefully I get some more...
Hiya. What sort of amount are you looking for to make it worthwhile for you? I'll see what's left and ping you if enough. If not then I'll try pick double in a few wkds time for you!
Otherwise find somewhere with woodland and a stream. I dont know but would imagine by the river at crane park. Alternatively plenty around the Surrey hills
Hi Jen,
Thank you that’s so sweet... I will take whatever you don’t want! Just cannot fund any locally!! Tried Crane Park...
If you have some or can grab some more that would be amazing... my number is 07989745982 ...
Thank you so much
Tania x

Hi Tania, I hope you got some wild garlic?

Elderflowers are popping up everywhere, so worth trying some elderflower cordial if you fancy. Very easy recipes on the net, or I'll tell you mine. Take a carrier bag next time you go to Hampton Common, or anywhere with some overgrown bits. There is some in Oak Avenue. Watch out for blackfly who seem to love it, but easily washed off. 

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