Hello All, Seventy years ago today France and the UK decleared war on Nazi Germany. Six years of War was to follow. I remember it well and can tell many tales of Hampton in the Blitz, which I may do!!! However, I hear a rumour that the Richmond and Twickenham Times intends to publish a supplement on the War, in a week or so, in which they will use a few stories members and I have contributed to The Hampton Society Book 'Hampton Tales'. For a school boy, these were exciting times. Sleeping in a cold damp Air Raid Shelter, huddled together with a bucket for toilet facilites, anti aircraft guns firing all night. Then it was up bright and early, off to school, the air raid siren would sound again, and it was back to the shelters until your mum came to collect you. Oh, I haven't mention the fun of climbing over the bombed buildings and collecting 'Shrapnel'. Happy days!!! Bryan.

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Thanks, Bryan. Which school were you at during the war - presumably a Hampton school? Also is there anywhere people can read or order Hampton Tales?
Hi Paul, The Junior School was relocated in the old Grammer School (A Doodle Bug landed in front of the school, one night and blew all the windows out, that gave us an extra three weeks summer holiday) which was on the Upper Sunbury Road. But we all used the Oldfield Road entrance. Percy Road School was a Clinic and Ambulance Station. I say 'Ambulance' they were no more than grey vans with metal stretchers in the back. Unfortunatley, The Hampton Society only printed a hundred copies of 'Hampton Tales' which went like 'Hot Cakes' I have a copy which you could borrow, under pain of death until its return. Regards. Bryan.
Hello Group, As things are a bit quiet I will tell you another Hampton war time history story. During the war my parents had moved to Oldfield Road and our garden was behind Alderson's Garage (No relation). One day I was on my way to the outside toilet when I heard a loud explosion, I looked towards Hampton Station and saw a parachute drifting down parallel with the railway. The pilot landed in the Ormonds, much to the surprise of the residents. Apparently, they all turned out and just stood and stared. (From now on, I am relying on 'Hear say') The residents thought the pilot was German as he did not speak much English. But when he pulled his flying suit off they saw he was RAF, in fact a Polish pilot. Two policemen arrived from Hampton Police Station followed by some soldiers from the Water Works and took the pilot away. It later emerged he was a Spitfire pilot, also a part of the wing from his Aeroplane fell into a garden in Linden Road.

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